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Planning breakfast meeting - date and place to be announced.


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January 2015

The Jamestown Chamber wishes you a healthy and prosperous 2015!

While the winter months bring a slower business time of year; many of our businesses and organizations are gearing up for a for a 2015 kickoff.  With the national economy looking stronger and employment numbers are improving the prospects for a good year are definitely strong.

We welcome new member, Mark Grosby, an attorney and consultant from Vermont.  Additionally, we welcome non-members to participate in the chamber activities of 2015 for the good of the community.

At the end of January the Chamber will bring to you the first of its winter breakfast meetings.  This session will review feedback from a member's survey and will discuss issues regarding the Jamestown business community.  The date and place of this meeting will be announced soon.

Thank you and buy local - Buy Jamestown!

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